Traveling Light

The importance of packing light is always the goal of every traveler. How do you fit all the essential things for this whole trip’s in a single backpack or luggage?

For me, a past experience is a perfect teacher especially when going back to the same old place you’ve been to. For instance, we make it a point to travel every year and stay for a week in temporary dwellings. I still remember the very first time we did this, when I brought almost everything that my baggage and this caused our SUV vehicle to be quite full. As the years have passed by, the luggage has become lighter, such that by today, we could even invite other friends to share a ride with us.

On the other hand, reading tips on how to do it is also a big help. It has taught me that you can have it by spreading everything you might need in a living room. Scan or scrutinize it one by one according to importance. Then set aside stuff of less importance. If possible, bring clothes that you can mix and match with one another. Small multi-purpose tools like leatherman squirt p4 instead of bringing all tools that you might need will also help.



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