Best Bulalo in Town

For those “bulalo” lovers, I am sure you already heard about and maybe tried R and J Bulalohan, Tagaytay’s Bulalohan like in Green ATS, Josephines, Leslie’s and those bulaluhans in Tagaytay Market and side of the roads, Myrna’s Bulalo in Timog, Mang Vic’s bulaluhan in Rizal and my new found bulaluhan in Rizal at the Franjetto Hills. I am sure you have also tried some of these well known bulaluhans in town. If  I miss to add the best bulalo place I am not yet aware of, please let me know.

I really love bulalo or cansi that’s why lipozene may not work for me anymore. So in this post hopefully we could vote on who for you serves the best bulalo?

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3 thoughts on “Best Bulalo in Town

  1. KB29

    just been to R and J’s bulalohan just this last week, july 14, 2010…honestly, the bulalo is as hard as a chewing gum and it’s really black. i’m sure nasobrahan na sa kapapainit and the bone marrow is still frozen..i was so disappointed!!! inuman na kasi yung place i just hope, management or the owners will look into this kasi sayang yung sinimulan nilang pangalan dapat R and J’s Inuman na ang pangalan nito hindi R and J’s Bulalohan

  2. simplebutrue

    Haven’t tried any of the bulalo places mentioned above but I’m excited to try Myrna’s Bulalo. Heard they’re going international – opening a branch in Singapore in OCT. That’s something to look forward to for the OFWs there.