Hayden Kho and Ruffa Mae Quinto Sex Video: Rest of the 40 Videos

According to some reports, there are allegedly about 40 more sex videos of Hayden Kho with different partners. They feature Dr. Kho with young actresses, models, comedy sexy actress and also with Dr. Vicky Belo. Whether this report is true or not, nothing can proven unless otherwise already seen in VCDs which can be bought in the streets.

Some movie press also said that they have already seen the alleged Hayden Kho and Ruffa Mae Quinto sex video but it fails to prove that it was really Miss Quinto or Dr. Kho because the said girl in the video seems to be taking best appetite suppressant for having thin body. Hopefully this issue and the said video will not explode again because there have been a lot of damage done by this video. Hopefully the person behind all of this will go unpunished.

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