Most Functions on a Penknife-World Record

In the company were my cousin works, giving away promotional items such as mugs, pen, cell phone stand, key holders and penknife is a traditional gesture. I also personally collect gifts every time we take a vacation in our province. But I really kept the penknife because it is multi-functional and very useful especially when traveling.

That’s why I am so amazed when I found out that a Swiss Army knife set the world record for having most functions for a penknife. The latest penknife model has 87 tools and at least 115 uses. This Penknife measures 8.75 x 3.25 inches, weighs almost three pounds, and at $1,200.

The knife is manufactured in Delemont, Switzerland by Wenger North America, makers of the multi-purpose tool. How I wish I could also have this one.

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