Most Expensive Chinese Painting

Just a few days of sleep and August 8, 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China is about to open. After China was hit by earthquakes and other tragedies like endless protest, new Olympics and world record has finally been set and new people will emerge.

But before this new Olympics and world record, China already set the Most Expensive Chinese painting world record. Called the “Red Cliff Handscroll” of Qiu Ying in Beijing, China, the 16th-century painting was sold at auction in Beijing for 79.52 million yuan (10.7 million dollars).

China Guardian Auctions said the sale of painting to an unnamed bidder on Tuesday also marked the first time that a Chinese painting had broken the 10-million-dollar barrier.

Qiu (1494-1552), a classical artist from Suzhou in eastern Jiangsu province, was a master of “Gongbi”, (a meticulous brush technique requiring precise detail). He left behind just 40 pieces of art, most of which are now in museums. One of it is “Red Cliff Handscroll” that once belonged to China’s last imperial family and later fell into the hands of private collectors.

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