Leviathan Chronicles

Leviathan2I really love nerve-tingling stories like sci-fi suspense and thriller types, books, comics or stories in any form that give similar sensation. I remember when I was a little boy, my grandmother used to listen in an AM radio horror drama almost every night before we’d go to sleep. I came to be listening because I used to sleep beside my grandfather and grandmother at night. You’d really feel that you were in the place where the drama was tying to picture its setting.

That’s why its brings back my memory when I heard the first chapter of the science fiction action adventure story Leviathan Chronicles in pod cast. I happened to visit the website but I don’t know exactly what it was then suddenly heard the background sound which shocked me at first because I never thought that my speaker volume was in full mode.

The story tells of a Chinese submarine in the secret mission to deliver mysterious cargo in the deep sea and meets a US submarine offering assistance. A female narrator voice really sounded captivating that’s why you will really feel the action and suspense of the story. I can’t seem to get enough from listening to it every time.

I can’t really wait to listen to the second chapter which can be downloaded. Leviathan Chronicles episodic pod cast episodes really brings back my younger years. Now it will be my listening companion while working.

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