Bloodline of Artist – Pottery and Clay Molding

My son loves molding clay he loves to mold cars and other forms that he sees around him. Maybe he is a born artist or carries a bloodline of artists. I consider myself artist in the sense that I paint, draw and also mold pottery and paint it with different artworks. I remember I once joined an exhibit where we painted some ceramics and pottery.

His mom is a non-practicing artist as well. I am aware that in her elementary days, she used to be actively joining contests (and hitting either 1st or 3rd place, seldom on the 2nd)involving drawing, painting and even slogan making (signs of her writing wizardry).

In my son’s toddler school, one of their activities is to paint some ceramics, as I observed them doing some painting. When I saw his finished product, I never thought that he could do it that beautiful considering he was just a 4-year old kid. So after that I did some research about pottery art to develop my son’s skills in painting some ceramics. I never thought that we could make this artwork hobby more beautiful and more attractive.

When I found American Art Clay Co., Inc. (AMACO) products from children’s clays to modeling/sculpture clays, lustrous metallic finishes to bright embossing metal sheets, I realized that they have a wide variety of Art and Craft products and accessories. They have a variety of low fire glazes which flow slightly during firing to achieve a smooth, high gloss finish. Also glazes which help you produce some unique types of decoration or unlimited textures during firing and a lot more beauty effects during firing. AMACO also has liquid glazes with over 500 glazes, under glazes, and overglazes which has its own unique appearance giving you unlimited creative expression. Which is lead free and other toxic substance and safe for children?

For the complete pottery or ceramics art products AMACO also has their own ceramic ceramic pottery kilns in different series and design. This includes designs for school or personal art use. Hope my son’s school has all this so that he can develop his art and talent in this field of art.

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